Willow Wind Photography | About

Hi! My name is Sarah. Thank you so much for dropping in today. Let me tell you a little about myself.


I grew up in the beautiful Blue Ridge Mountains and love it so much, I've never been able to leave. I share my home with my wonderful husband and two little clones of him. Each one of them stole my heart the moment I laid eyes on them!


Being a wife and mother, I see firsthand how fast time slips away. This is the main reason I became a photographer. I want to make these sweet little moments last a little longer. With photography, I have found a way to not only capture a photo of a precious face the way I remember that same face as a newborn, but I also have discovered a way that reminds me of the emotion I was feeling at that time.


I strive to capture these moments for my clients in the same way. I want to record life’s major moments for you so you will be reminded… of the simple yet elegant beauty of your bride’s face the first time you saw her on your wedding day…

of the scent of your husband’s cologne when you were finally able to embrace his neck… of the softness and warmth of your newborn’s cheek at your touch… of the way your son makes you laugh hysterically when your hair tickles his nose…

These moments are the moments that make life worth living and reliving.


As our families change and grow, all these moments multiply and evolve. I would be honored to help you capture your special moments so when the day arrives when you find yourself looking at your daughter in her cap and gown, you will be able to remember what it felt like when she snuggled on your chest.


Ok!! Enough with the sappy stuff!!!


I’m very laid back as photographer. As my client I want you to truly enjoy our sessions. Whether that session is for a newborn, a family or a full wedding, I will work to make you feel relaxed. If your baby cries the entire photo shoot or if the wedding is an hour late getting started please understand I don’t upset easily. We’ll all just take a deep breath, we’ll regroup, and we’ll discover other ways to get amazing photos. Sometimes these beyond-our-control moments have been when I have captured my all-time favorite photos. And, by the way, you should also know I tend to get attached to my clients. I’m going to cry at some point during your wedding. You’ll likely find me sitting in a mud puddle right next to your kiddos. And, I will steal one more kiss after your newborn’s session.


I’d love to be able to make these important life events stress-free moments for you as well.


To book a session contact me at…706.455.4004 or email sarah@willowwindphoto.com